As my time on AMU comes to a close….

Hey guys, so uh its been six months since I started as a Registered Nurse. Wow. I literally cannot believe how fast the time has flown by! I can remember being so scared to start, especially not being on a graduate program and being thrown in the deep end. I am sooooo HAPPY I did … Continue reading As my time on AMU comes to a close….

The struggle is real

So I know you all probably think at some stage that studying, working, going to uni and having a social life is impossible and out of reach. But you can do it - and to be honest it doesn't stop when you start studying and start working as a nurse. At uni I was working … Continue reading The struggle is real

End of life care

I've looked after quite a few end of life care patients. It can be challenging at times. What happens when the family can't make that tough call to make their loved ones palliative? When the patient is having a good day while the family are there - when earlier they were pretty much comatose. The … Continue reading End of life care

Be specific

Hey Guys, When writing your selection criteria here is some advice I received from my CN referee (this will help you be a bit more specific): This is the problem       XXXXXX    assessed using this  XXXXX   This is what i did    XXXXXX  This is why   XXXXXXX  so that this could happen   XXXXX This is what … Continue reading Be specific

Making sure your referees remember you

Little tip if you are worried about your referees forgetting who you are amongst all the students they look after. Send them an email ....outlining competencies you achieved and how you work as a nurse. And attach a picture in your uniform.  A sample email: Subject line: Reference for (insert your name)  Hi (Insert their … Continue reading Making sure your referees remember you