MET calls

So a little bit of a laugh… I was at work… it was nice and quite and chilled. It was my 3rd week in ED. My patient had a casual heart rate of 150. So I did my ECG and checked the rest of her obs. She was fine though just eating her breakfast…. So I just casually pressed the MET bell at 0800. Hmmmm….. all good that is what we would do on the ward, but not so much here if the patient is completely asymptomatic, yes they are in MET call criteria, so I didn’t do the wrong thing, but could of gotten the Dr to review urgently. I think it scared a few sleeping patients and everyone came running as they do. The patient was fine, just had to give their morning Digoxin, which is why I checked her obs in the first place.

Help, Button, Red, Emergency, Support

On a more serious note, we all know how scary MET calls can be, especially when you are new. I remember my very first MET call when I started on AMU, I basically pressed the bell, everyone comes rushing in and takes over, which was great because I had no idea what was going on, and who had to do what, and what my role in it all was! As time goes by something I felt really helped me was just watching and listening the first couple of times. Then each MET call I helped in or called I would set myself a goal at the end of of each previous one to complete at the next one. I would go straight to that task and I would rock that task. Things like introducing my patient, doing their BSL, connecting the pads,  putting up and pushing CSL, and scribing. One by one I learnt something different and the different roles people have in a MET call. Yeah at the start it was scary, but as you go along you get more and more confident at that one thing you did before and if you keep going you will do everyone of those things one day. I found that controlled MET calls were the best learning experiences as you could ask questions and really wrap your head around what was going on. And guys…. you CAN ask questions, sometimes it might not be appropriate at the time, but afterwards there is always someone senior that will be able to talk to you/debrief on what has happened. Never feel like you are alone, if  you freeze, it is ok, the important thing is you send for help… never be afraid to and to do your DRSABCDE 🙂

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