DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis)

So I had a patient who met the DKA criteria the other day, for those of you unfamiliar the criteria it is:
BGL > 11mmol/L or known diabetes

Ketones > 3mmol/L

pH < 7.3 or bicarb < 18mmol/L

my patient present with constant vomiting and diarrhoea since the early hours of the morning. When I did their assessment I found that they had T1DM, so I did their BGL, which was 19.3mmol/L, then I did their ketones of 3.6 which prompted me to get the Dr to do a blood gas in which the pH was 7.025. This patient ended up on the DKA protocol. With it only being the third week of being in ED, I must admit I did have a little fist pump moment.

For those who have trouble understanding DKA, this is an excellent resource! It is something I had to research as I didn’t know much about it.. only that there was a form and a set criteria. I encourage you to go home and look up things you don’t know as a baby grad, even though you might forget it and might have to look it up again.. you will learn, we all do, and as a nurse we re always learning 🙂

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