First two weeks in Emergency

What an absolute whirlwind! The first two weeks in ED have flown by. The first week, because I had already done the hospital orientation, I went straight into the ED short stay. This section was alright, pretty much like the ward, however, you can turn over all 5 of your patients three times or more in a shift. So busy.. but a great place to start. So many interesting cases: chest pain pathways, fall pathways, mental health etc. It was a great way to ease myself into the area. Then on Wednesday it was lovely to join the other grads for the ED orientation. This department is huge.. so many nooks and crannys, its pretty much a maze, but I am finding my way around now 🙂 Then thursday and friday we did the next two stages of agression training. This was full on, it was pretty interesting learning how to restrain someone, I wouldn’t like to use it though… super uncomfortable, and although the aim is for it not to hurt, it isn’t exactly plesant! Week one was over in a flash.

Onto week two! Wow. This was hectic! Assessment… what… an.. amazing… awesome experience. So your patient walks in or is wheeled in- you have four – and you do their obs and an A to E assessment. Then depending on what they come in with you do a focused assessment. It was time to pull out the old stethoscope. I hadn’t done a respiratory or abdominal assessment since the very start of my degree! So much reading and learning, its awesome. You never know what medical problem will come through the door. Documentation is different too. Took a bit of getting used to after using systems for so long. Took me some time to get my own little groove going because when your patient comes in you are doing their obs and talking to them about why they are there, trying to remember it all so you can write it all down. Looking at their skin and remembering where things are. Lots of multitasking, but you get used to it. So here’s the catch .. you could turn around and two patients have been moved or discharged and poof there’s two new patients. It was pretty overwhelming to begin with but you just take it as it comes. I just introduce myself, look at the reason why they came in and their ATS score and prioritise who needs to be seen first.

What I love about ED is everyone is super supportive and helps each other out. It wouldn’t operate very well otherwise. My blessing has been filling out the ISOBAR section at the back.. life saver.. because anyone can hand my patients over without me 🙄 So I always fill this in while I am doing an assessment. 

What is also great about being on my graduate program now is I get 5 days off a fortnight and two early finishes and/or late starts. Work life balance.. finally 🤗 It makes all the difference. 

Oohhh… and in my first week I saw a tension pneumothorax…. that was very cool! I am excited to be exposed to more things thats for sure. 

Well as a reward I thought I would invest in a good quality stethoscope, I am going to need it! I’ll give you a peak, should be here any day now 😃

Will talk to you soon … lots of reading of policies to do!

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