The struggle is real

So I know you all probably think at some stage that studying, working, going to uni and having a social life is impossible and out of reach. But you can do it – and to be honest it doesn’t stop when you start studying and start working as a nurse. At uni I was working 30 hours a week, travelling an hour each way to and from work and uni, doing assignments, prac, trying to have me time and hang out with my friends. Now I work 40 hours a week and I still feel the same. Each week presents its own struggles and challenges. I have been recently trying to plan my wedding, work, do an 8 week challenge, spend time with my family and friends and have some me time. Lately I have been so focused on my 8 week challenge that I have been  training 7-8 times a week and a couple weeks ago it was 10! But it keeps me sane, helps me work out my frustrations – I hope you have something that helps you work out your frustrations and makes you happy. Sometimes its hard being a nurse, you can’t bring your crap to work, you need to be bright eyed and buhy tailed and ready to be caring and listen and look after your patients. So much giving – which is lovely I wouldn’t have it any other way. But just remember we all need some me time. The last couple weeks have been pretty hectic at work. I have felt happy, sad, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, stressed, relaxed… and so much more but I have felt more negative emotions than positive ones. Which is hard especially when you are working lates and then earlies and then have X amount of days in a row. Its a real struggle to get out of bed sometimes. You think do I really need to go to work today? The answer is yep.. I do. So you roll slowly out of bed and get ready. My sleeping has been pretty average lately.. took a sleeping tablet last night just to get a good nights sleep because of a late early. Felt horribly drowsy this morning though. But on the plus side I actually slept which is nice. Sometimes when work is so crazy I find it hard to get a decent night sleep and wake up feeling completely depleted. My secret to getting through the day, going to the gym, after that I am awake and sane and ready to seize the day. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just have one crappy day after another.. this was me this week. But a few catch ups with friends and time spent with my fiancé really helped. I know it gets tough and I guess it sounds like I’m blabbering a bit today, but I just want you to know that you aren’t alone. We all feel this way, it won’t be the first or the last time. But we are nurses we are amazing humans who love caring for other humans – its bound to take its toll- however we love what we do, why else would we be doing it. I encourage you to find those things that de-stress you and make you happy. We use so much energy and emotion caring for others that we need to fill up our tanks too. Don’t let them deplete abd become burnt out. And hey talk to someone or drop me a line. We are all hear doing the same thing, learning and teaching one another.

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