Team leading

Wow guys sorry it has been so long. Been pretty busy and on night shift as well! phew glad that’s over. Today I wanted to talk about being a team leader. I was set a pretty big challenge in my second week when I started as a grad and again just last week!

Firstly, when I started I was asked to be a team leader for our section of the ward. I was like what? That’s crazy, I am still so new. Umm…. what the hell do I do? It was extra challenging as my buddy nurse was an agency nurse who wasn’t familiar with our ward and the way things ran. Nevertheless, I was like ok, I can do this – even though I was petrified, I made it a learning opportunity. Like every shift I started by making a time planner to plan breaks and patient care. Honestly, I had no idea what was expected of me let alone what to do. However, I drew on my management experience from working at Maccy D’s, which really helped. I regularly checked in with my buddy making sure that she was ok, asking if she needed any help and making sure we went to break on time – which is sometimes challenging but often need to be a priority to keep us sane and from busting at the seams. I felt pretty accomplished after that shift, I was like I think I did ok, I think I can do this again. And sure enough I have been a team leader for our section many times now and each time I learn something new and how to do something a little better. This includes co-coordinating discharges to make sure we have beds for new patients to come in, motivating and supporting my buddy nurse by being available to help and answer any questions. I guess one of the biggest things on our ward is the movement of patients. Sometimes pretty much your whole section can be discharged and then you get all new patients. Which in it self can be challenging due to the sheer amount of paperwork, the acuity of each patient and trying to coordinate and prioritise care. You aren’t always going to gel well with you buddy nurse but as long as you are supporting one another and working as a team I find you can get through anything. Sometimes, when there is so much going on its a matter of stepping back and saying what is most important right now and what can wait. This way you can just work your way through what needs to be done step by step. I think asking for help is really important to. Although nurses are amazing at what they do, we all need a helping hand at some time or another and if we all help each other it makes the load a little lighter and the shift a little easier.

On night shift last week, I was asked to team lead the whole ward… this was a huge deal for me, wowee. At role call when they said my name and that I was team leader for the ward I was like… ummmm what. But it was such a good challenge. I learn alot from watching and listening to other nurses that I knew roughly what I had to do. It was challening knowing about each patient and having to look after my own patients. But it was a good challenge 🙂 I enjoyed every minute of it. I just took it one step at a time and put into practice what I had learnt. And I am so glad I was given the opportunity. I truly believe if you work hard and show your initiative you will get where you want to be and I hope one day I’ll become a CN and be able to coordinate during the day. 

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