Being the new kid on the block

Sometimes it can be so hard to find your place in a new ward where everyone knows everyone and has worked together before. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing the right thing or if I am offending anyone or if I am seen as part of the team. I like most people don’t know others very well and they don’t  know me very well. Being  misunderstood can happen and will more than likely happen  when you are new and finding your feet. At uni it gets drilled into you that you need to do this and that and complete this. Follow this procudure or you will fail your exam or assignment. I guess as a new grad its hard to break the cycle and become a bit more laid back about things, especially when you are a tad OCD and you want to make sure you always do the right thing. At the end of the day you are responsible for the safety and care of your patients so naturally I think everything needs to be perfect. I am starting to realise that on a busy ward like mine its just not possible and I have to learn to let it go, it is after all 24/7 nursing care, things can get handed over. Being the new kid on the block I ask sooooo many questions, thats not a bad thing but I am starting to realise that it can be taken the wrong way. Other nurses, like me, feel an immense pressure to do everything they can for their patients and try and do everything before shift change. So maybe asking a trillion questions at handover when they are getting everything off of their chest isn’t such a fantastic idea. And me being upfront without paying attention to how I ask a question, I am realising, can come accross blunt, even though it isn’t intentional. It’s not like I mean it to be rude or demanding, just asking questions, that’s me, that’s what I do, that’s how I learn. Reflecting on it though, I can change the way I ask or the timing. Hopefully this will help. As new grads starting out there you may also find it challenging, especially when you are fresh and sqeaky clean out of uni and want to do everything so you don’t get into trouble. Just remember, everyone is different and it will take time to get to know people and their quirks. In the meantime you can try to improve yourself, like I will in the hope that this makes things easier and less stressful amongst the team. 

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