Making sure your referees remember you

Little tip if you are worried about your referees forgetting who you are amongst all the students they look after.

Send them an email ….outlining competencies you achieved and how you work as a nurse. And attach a picture in your uniform.

 A sample email:
Subject line: Reference for (insert your name) 
Hi (Insert their name), 
Thank you so much for being a reference for me. The application process will start mid next year so here are the little reminders to jog your memory as I know you have looked after a lot of students. Please see attached a picture of myself so you remember me. If you could kindly flag this email then it will be ready in your inbox come application time.
Here are some memory joggers about myself and my time working with you:
  • Shows initiative
  • Cooperative and works well within a multidisciplinary team
  • Great communicator
  • Asks questions-keen to learn
  • Medications
  • Observations
  • Responding appropriately to unstable patients
  • Discharge and admission planning
  • Patient education
  • Builds rapport with patients-shows kindness and empathy 
  • Prioritises care and tasks and organises time effectively 
Feel free to add anything else.
Thanks again, regards
(Insert your name)
(insert you university) UNIVERSITY STUDENT

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