Be specific

Hey Guys,

When writing your selection criteria here is some advice I received from my CN referee (this will help you be a bit more specific):

  • This is the problem       XXXXXX    assessed using this  XXXXX  
  • This is what i did    XXXXXX 
    This is why   XXXXXXX  so that this could happen   XXXXX
    This is what happened as a result  XXXXX

Obviously this is very simplified but if you can ensure you can incorporate these things into your selection criteria, it will be very clear for the person reading it.

Another piece of advice she gave me:

“I understand a 250 word count can be difficult.  An old boss of mine once said that when you write a sentence, read it and remove all the words that you don’t need.  You can use one word instead of four or five.  It might mean switching words around so that the sentence is stronger, yet still says what you want to say.  Look ahead at the next sentence as well.  You may be able to exclude it altogether or combine the two succinctly.”

Hang in there guys it is possible to smash that selection criteria, and once its done I promise you will feel very accomplished with all the hard work you put into it!

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