Those days….

Today, like so many others was particularly draining and hard work. 

You know when you have a late early and you just pray that the night will flow and be a walk in the park… then you pray again and hope that your morning is even easier. This is me … everytime I have a late early.  

Last night was pretty good, organised and it just flowed, everything was done ahead of time. I woke up this morning; crawled out of bed after having codeine for a headache the night before and got my groggy self to work. The morning started off ok, pretty normal. Then I got to meds, almost every chart had something wrong with it so I couldn’t dispense the medications until I got each and every one of them fixed. And those charts that have a few pages of medications, I had a few of them too. So … the medication round took ages! And trying to remember all the indications…. mind numbing sometimes. My brain often turns to moosh after the med round. **On a side note, something I find helpful is to put blood pressure and heart rate medications in separate pill cups. This prompts me to check the ons before I give them. **

So the morning continued, finally got my break. Came back, regrouped with the team and we were on track. 11am hits and we start obs. Patient desating and is gurgly… is it APO? Has she aspirated  at some stage? She is talking ok and isn’t cyanotic. Adds of 7… ok Dr review!! Another patient was in type 2 respiratory failure and had to be put on bipap. Umm… I don’t know how to do that!! It all just hits you and you feel like you are just treading water. So much was going on…. and you can only be at one place at a time. Some days I feel like I’ve got this and others I just feel like I haven’t. It’s all a learning experience though. Lunch break… whats that? doing 1200 obs and meds… when is 1200? I swear its 1300, because thats when you get to do them sometimes.

I think its important to remember that we aren’t super nurses and we are only human. We put so much pressure on ourselves sometimes and its too draining to maintain. After handover I literally felt like a zombie and I crashed when I got home. Those are the days, the ones where you just want it to be over and be able to go home and just relax. We all have good days and bad ones, but if you love your job then the good will outweigh the bad and carry you through. Just remember we all go through this and tomorrow is another day. Today my colleagues got me through. We supported each other, something I am so grateful for and something we should all do and remember we all need someone to be there on those days.

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