Road accident

So…. I’m driving to the gym this morning…. there’s a guy sitting at the intersection with a couple of other people. I’m like shit, do I stop? What happens if I don’t stop. I turn my car around. Park just down the road, my first aid kit, still covered in plastic … that’s helpful. I madly try to tear off the plastic and start running to where the people are. My heart was pounding, I was thinking shit, this is the first time I have been a bystander at a road accident, umm… what happens if I blank and don’t know what to do? What happens if I have to do CPR, oh crap I’ve never done real CPR before. Its ok, take a breath I told my self as I was getting closer. Phew, they are alive, but wow look at their leg… and the bone… ok concentrate. So I introduced myself and started asking if they were ok, any pain in the neck and spine, if they can wriggle their toes, and feel me touching the leg. Yes, feeling and movement and no pain… for now. I gave him a silver blanket the poor thing was still in shock and was so cold. Irrigated the leg, pretty nasty laceration, that’s going to hurt later. Ambo’s arrived shortly after… good deed done for the day. Thank god my first one wasn’t horrific and I am so glad they are OK!

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