The email

The next few weeks waiting to hear about the grad program were so hard. I couldn’t help but think what if I don’t get this grad program? There are so many people applying and because of the job freeze I coild miss out. What will I do? I spent so much time on applying for this one job, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to do it all again. 

It was the 2nd of September last year when I kept staring at my phone. I was at work, I couldn’t concentrate. Hoping, praying and wishing… buzz buzz… I got an email!! As I read it my heart stopped.

“Dear Tia, I would like to congratulate you on being accepted…”

It felt like the whole world stopped. I cried, it was so emotional for me, I could finally let go of those built up worries and feelings. I did it, I got the grad program! Phew what a relief, but then I read it again, dammit it was August intake. I was so grateful I had gotten a place but so enthusiastic about starting that i couldn’t  wait. 

Shortly after, I commenced my final six week prac. I was not giving up. I talked to the nurse manager. Had a mini interview on the spot, I was nervous but I knew what I wanted. She asked me what I liked about the ward  and what I found challenging and how I delt with those challenges. I told her how much I liked the pace, the acuity, the challenges and the team of people. I explained how even though there were many different  personalities, I found ways to make the most out of the situations. I did things ahead of time and used my critical thinking skills to overcome the challenges I faced. She took down my contact details and told me to contact her as soon as my registration came through. Come December I had my registration and I sent that email straight away! 

It was the 20th December.

Ahhhh I was so excited. I rang back straight away and accepted. They sent me the paperwork and I popped in the next day. Thank god I did because I got to start shortly after on  January 23rd. 

And  thats how I did it. Perseverance and dedication. If its one piece  of advice I can give about getting your dream job, it is to never give up! I now work on the acute medical unit on a contract until I start my graduate program in Emergency in August… That’s right I achieved what I was aiming for. What a perfect way to build up my acute nursing skills to prepare me for whats next!

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