S.T.A.R Selection Criteria

Hey guys just some helpful things I learned and things I found hospitals really like when reading selection criteria.

When you write your selection criteria the hospital will want you to use this format.

S – Situation: what was the circumstances/context surrounding the event or experience?

T -Task: what was your role in the situation? What were you trying to accomplish?

A – Action: what did you do? What was your response to the situation?

R – Result: What was the result of your actions and role in the situation?

  • I know we all love the ANMC guidelines and the National Health standards! And the person reading your selection criteria will love love love you for putting at least one in each criteria and how it relates to you scenario  to improve patient care/safety! I used the NSQHS for mine and it was a nice way of closing each selection criteria and tying it all together.
  • Always include an intro sentence that basically restates the question in your own words
  • Be super specific, don’t repeat yourself, you only have 250 words. Write the long version of something once and then the short version after that, just like an essay. For example, write acitivities of daily living (ADLs) then write ADLs the following time you use it.
  • Get as many people as you can to read it. I had a CN who helped me edit mine multiple time, it pays off!
  • You don’t need to put as a nursing student this and that. Just write the hopital you were at for that particular example.
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute, It will show.

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