Some handy little hints and tips:

  • Know, understand and be able to relate to the hospital’s values and models of care.
  • Something I particularly found handy was to have a couple of notes in case you find yourself losing your place. Just say I have brought some notes with me if I get off track or get really nervous. This shows you have taken the time and effort to prepare.
  • Be confident even if you aren’t. They know you are nervous and know that you are pretty much a blank canvas.
  • Show your enthusiasm, your passion, relate why you want to work at that particular hospital with their values.
  • I actually put sticky notes on pages of my NCAS that I really wanted them to see and to make it easier for the interviewer to find what they were looking for. Examples of teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, awesome comments etc.
  • Be early, give yourself some time to just chill out as much as you can before the interview. That way the stress of getting there and finding a car park and where you have to go is at least one stress you can let go.
  • Talk to other people who are waiting to be interviewed, its amazing what this will show you interviewers.
  • Always and i mean always have questions ready to ask at the end. It shows you are interested and have put some thought into that hospitals graduate program.
  • Take the time to answer the questions, if you have a blank just say, I just need a minute to think, I am a little nervous. They understand, more that you realise.
  • Finally, they aren’t there to trick you, be yourself, do your research and have some examples of what to do for common scenarios. Write notes on these an bring them with you.
  • Remember DRSABCDE, your 6 rights and calling for help.Image result for before a job interview vs after memes

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