Applying for Grad Programs

So.. I had to apply for Grad programs just like most of you reading this already did or are about to do. When I applied there had been a freeze on all nursing jobs. Ironic isn’t it, we need more nurses, they advertise for years, people become nurses and there are no jobs. Oh well, guess that is how it is. Once the freeze was lifted I could finally apply for a graduate program. That’s not to say everyone has to do it that way. There are plenty of different options out there. Now I had the added stress of juggling work, uni, a social life, studying and applying to get a job. Hmmm… how was I going to manage this? I decided that I needed to be organised. I wrote up my selection criteria based on the previous intakes. I got everyone possible to read it. My guardian angel, a CN I had formed a professional relationship with had helped me with this process until I had perfected them. During this time, what got me through was thinking, If I do everything I can possibly do to get this grad program and get turned down I can be happy that I did everything I could. With that in mind before I even knew I had an interview I started preparing for it. I asked so many people so many question it wasn’t funny, felt like I was bombarding them. I studied the hospital’s values and wrote out scenarios. This was an extremely stressful time, I wanted to work in Emergency and only work at this particular hospital. Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself. When I reflect on that, I feel as though it is my own personal coping mechanism to kick my butt into gear to get things done.

Listening to all the people getting calls and thinking to yourself will I be next? That was the hardest. All these things running through my head. Are they calling in alphabetical order? What if my selection criteria wasn’t good enough? Crap, I should of written or included that in my application. It’s so mentally draining, and can sometimes be unbearable.

I was sitting in a mental health class at uni when my phone started buzzing on the table… it was so loud and I fumbled as I grabbed it and raced out the classroom. It was them, my heart was pounding. I got asked to come in for an interview! YAY!! Didn’t have my diary on me, it was in the car. So I had to awkwardly go back into the classroom and get my keys and run to the car, all the while they are still on the phone! Back into the classroom I went… grinning like a cheshire cat!

Back to square one, nervous again, what do I do? All I can do is make sure I am presentable and go over my notes. What  if I mess up or go blank? I’ll never forget that day, it was the 11th August, I was supposed to go to a concert that night, I had won tickets, it was supposed to be a happy day. My friend and I had a fight, I was crying that morning trying to get ready and compose myself for the interview. I had no one that was free to come to the concert with me, so I was also trying to sell the tickets. It was a crap day. Somehow I managed to compose myself, sitting there waiting for my name to be called. Nervously talking to other people waiting for their names to be called….


Oh Crap

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