My Background

Do you ever sit there and wonder, how the hell did I get here? Where did the time go? If I pinch myself will I wake up?

This is not your typical story of becoming a graduate nurse. My story begins when I decided in high school that I loved kids and I wanted to be a teacher….. how very wrong I was, only made it to second semester. At this stage I had absolutely no idea what I wanted out of life and what I wanted to spend it doing, so I wasted a couple of years faffing about and working different jobs, but nothing seemed to stick. I had absolutely no direction and got lost along the way doing things that were against my moral compass, but that’s a story for another day! The only thing that had stuck with me since I was nine years old was volunteering for St John Ambulance. It finally clicked to me….umm why on earth am I not working in health care? So… I thought, a paramedic, that’s who I will be! Light bulb moment, woo hoo I am going to help people on the road. What’s that sound they make on game shows when you answer a question incorrectly on a game show? Well picture that. I went through the whole process and thought at the end of it, heck what about nursing, so I enrolled in the course for march 2013. By this stage I was 23 and ready to take on the world…..NOT!

Uni was a struggle, I was living out of home and successfully failing at choosing my life partner, juggling work, uni and a social life. Got myself into some debt and finally plucked up the courage to leave my boyfriend of three years… sigh… what a relief…. My life was slowly coming together. My grandmother she was my rock during this time, don’t know what I would have done without her. So off I went standing on my own two feet, growing up as they say, studying to become a registered nurse. Got together with an amazing guy who had already been in my life for years, built a house and got engaged, sounds like a perfect little ending doesn’t it? Well yeah, it is and I couldn’t be happier, this guy has stood by me through everything. But I didn’t get here without four years of blood, sweat and tears, and yes there are many; especially when you share a mortgage with your now fiancé and work 30 hours a week while studying full time. Plus when you are trying to juggle so many things, maintaining relationships was a struggle and some of my closest friends and family really felt this, which added more stress onto the mountain I was already carrying on my back. I thought to myself, don’t these people understand, this is my career, this is what I have been working so hard for. In retrospect, I cannot expect them to understand, they weren’t living in my shoes, they weren’t feeling what I was or carrying the weight I was carrying. I realise now that each of them was carrying their own burdens and I probably added to theirs, just as they added to mine.

Fast forward  four years of study and I have graduated… watch this space as I share my journey with you.

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